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- 2014/04/15/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2014/04/09/get-youth-out-of-crisis
Get youth out of Crisis: 2nd Greens/EFA and FYEG youth Conference
- 2014/04/09/we-the-citizen/
We, the Citizens: How to Let Europeans Participate in Future Treaty Changes
- 2014/04/05/dessine-moi-l-europe
Dessine-moi l'Europe: Roundtables
- 2014/04/03/towards-resilient-territories
Towards resilient territories:Energy, Transport, Food in 2030
- 2014/04/01/putin-s-russia
Putin's Russia: Soviet Union reloaded?
A Hearing on the current developments in Russia
- 2014/03/26/greensefa-4th-document-freedom-day
Greens/EFA 4th Document Freedom Day in the European Parliament:
Open Standards in the field of Encryption
- 2014/03/21/european-internet-governance-and-beyond
European Internet Governance and Beyond
- 2014/03/11/pressconference-fukushima-3-years-after -
Fukushima, 3 years after:testimony from Naoto Matsumura, the last man from Fukushima
- 2014/03/11/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2014/03/06/stop-feminicide-in-europe-and-in-latin-america
Stop feminicide in Europe and in Latin America: 7th conference on feminicide
- 2014/03/06/eu-industrial-policy
EU Industrial Policy: What Role for the Service Sector?
- 2014/03/05/transatlantic-data-flows
Transatlantic Data Flows and the Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP):
Ensuring compatibility with European Data Protection standards
- 2014/03/05/deflating-the-financial-carbon-bubble
- Deflating the Financial Carbon Bubble: A Presentation & Panel Debate on a Greens/EFA Study
- 2014/03/04/europe-on-the-far-right
- Europe on the Far Right: Developments and Strategies against - a Roundtable discussion
- 2014/02/25/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2014/02/20/afrophobia-in-the-eu - Afrophobia in the EU: A Greens/EFA hearing - 2014/02/19/social-cohesion-in-times-of-recession - 2014/02/19/lets-bag-it - Let’s Bag It !: Greens/EFA conference on plastic bags - 2014/02/13/pressconference - Sports and human rights - 2014/02/04/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2014/01/30/greening-the-regional-policy - greening the regional policy: achievements and perspectives - 2014/01/29/seed-diversity-and-food-security - Seed diversity and food security threatened by an overly concentrated EU seed market - 2014/01/29/human-trafficking-in-the-eu - Human trafficking in the EU - 2014/01/29/pressconference-seed-diversity - Press conference - Seed diversity and food security threatened by an overly concentrated EU seed market - 2014/01/21/do-not-track
Do-not-track standard – is self-regulation enough?
- 2014/01/15/pressconference-new-abortion-law-in-spain
- 2014/01/14/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/12/11/from-maidan-square-to-the-european-parliament
From Maidan Square to the European Parliament Public hearing on Ukraine with members of Ukrainian opposition
- 2013/12/10/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/12/05/better-rail-networks
Better Rail Networks:Quality of Networks for All - Speed on Corridors for a Few
- 2013/12/05/economic-crimes-and-a-european-public-prosecutor
Economic Crimes and a European Public Prosecutor: How to fight economic crimes and ensure fundamental rights?
- 2013/12/03/political-crisis-in-greece
Public Debate: Political Crisis in Greece - political parties, dispute of the Greek constitution and Euro-scepticism
- 2013/11/19/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/11/15/citizens-energy-for-a-good-climate -
Citizens' energy for a good climate:A participatory debate about Poland and its future
- 2013/11/14/belo-monte-mega-dam
Belo Monte Mega-Dam: The Amazon up for grabs?
- 2013/11/14/a-post-growth-society-for-the-21st-century
A Post-Growth Society for the 21st Century:Opportunities and challenges for Europe
- 2013/11/13/the-right-to-decide
The right to decide: A democratic right
- 2013/11/13/2-years-left-to-reach-an-ambitious-climate-deal
2 years left to reach an ambitious climate deal:What role for Europe?
- 2013/11/09/transatlantic-trade
- Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Trading away the European project?
- 2013/11/06/a-pollinator-friendly-agricultural-model
- A pollinator-friendly agricultural model: the way forward
- 2013/10/22/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing -2013/10/17/feeding-europe-in-times-of-crisis - Feeding Europe in times of crisis: Towards a more resilient food system - 2013/10/17/making-economic-governance-serve-social-justice
- Making economic governance serve social justice: A response to the Commission proposal on the "Social Dimension of the EMU"
- 2013/10/17/pressconference_greek-crises - Greek crisis and its impact on 3rd level education - 2013/10/16/a-renaissance-of-industry-for-a-sustainable-europe-rise
- A Renaissance of Industry for a Sustainable Europe (RISE)
- 2013/10/16/radio-broadcasting-in-minority-languages
- Radio broadcasting in minority languages: where we are, where we should go
- 2013/10/08/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/09/18/the-law-of-the-seed - The law of the seed : Public lecture by Vandana Shiva - 2013/09/18/pressconference - Vandana Shiva on draft EU seed legislation - 2013/09/10/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/09/05/unfracked - Unfracked: why shale gas should stay in the ground - 2013/07/11/pressconference - The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013 - 2013/07/10/voices-from-the-ground
- Voices from the Ground: Speakers Series on the Situation in Egypt
“Egypt between Military Coup and a Second Revolution? The New Wave of Protests and the Road Ahead”
- 2013/07/09/earth-connections-and-small-networks - Earth Connections and Small Networks: A Greens/EFA workshop in the European Parliament - 2013/07/05//alternative-ten-t-days - Alternative TEN-T Days - 2013/07/02/ert - ERT: Greek public television back from black - 2013/07/02/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/06/27/citizens-first - Citizens first!:Ideas for Improving and Extending the European Citizens' Initiative - 2013/06/27/water-is-a-public-good - Water is a public good - 2013/06/27/pressconference - Water privatisation in Greece - A Greens/EFA press-conference - 2013/06/26/when-rule-of-law-is-at-risk - When Rule of Law is at risk : What can/should the EU do? - 2013/06/26/kefalonia - Kefalonia, an Island of Peace, Solidarity and Dialogue. History leads to our European future. - 2013/06/21/greensefa-delegation-to-lisbon - Greens/EFA delegation to Lisbon - 2013/06/18/internet-and-social-media-as-tools-of-freedom - Internet and Social Media as Tools of Freedom - 2013/06/17/human-rights-in-northern-mali - Human Rights in Malian conflict since 2012 - Stop abuses: a key to build Peace - 2013/06/12/data-protection-campaign - Data protection in the EU - campaign launch - 2013/06/11/the-revolt-from-istanbul - The revolt from Istanbul - 2013/06/11/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/05/29/pressconference - Green alternatives for Europe - a greens/efa press-conference - 2013/05/21/pressconference - EU-US Transatlantic Partnership Agreement - a greens/efa press-conference - 2013/05/21/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/05/16/un-instrument-europeen-pour-la-biodiversite - Un instrument européen pour la biodiversité: Accès et partage des avantages - 2013/05/16/collective-rights-management - Collective Rights Management: How to make it work - 2013/05/15/europe-s-reindustrialisation - Europe's Reindustrialisation: Learning from our Competitors? a greens/efa conference - 2013/05/10/pressconference - El futuro de una Europa sacudida por la crisis: alternativas de los Verdes a la política de recortes: Conferencia de prensa / press-conference - 2013/05/10/energising-europe-and-spain-sustainably - Energising Europe and Spain sustainably - a Greens/EFA conference in Madrid - 2013/05/07/civil-society-under-fire--egypt - Civil Society Under Fire: Recent Wave of Arrests in Egypt - a Lunch Speaker Event - 2013/04/22/pressconference - Rescuing EU climate policy and emissions trading - 2013/04/16/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/04/11/fisheries-reform Fisheries reform: Where should the public money go? - Public hearing - 2013/04/11/the-arctic-melt The Arctic melt: A wake up call, NOT a business opportunity! - Public conference - 2013/04/10/youth-in-crisis - Youth in crisis - A Greens/EFA public conference - 2013/04/10/pressconference - European Citizens' Initiative - Fraternité 2020 3% of the EU budget for exchange programmes like Erasmus or the European Voluntary Service: Now, later, or never? - 2013/03/27/prisoners-key-to-peace - PRISONERS - KEY TO PEACE? - Promoting the Resolution of the Conflict in the Basque Country: A Greens/EFA conference - 2013/03/27/3rd-document-freedom-day-in-the-european-parliament - 3rd Document Freedom Day in the European Parliament: A Greens/EFA conference - 2013/03/21/pressconference - Tobacco lobbying and Dalligate - proposed EP special committee on good governance presented - 2013/03/20/pressconference - Reform of EU data protection rules - 2013/03/12/pressconference - Belgian nuclear reactor flaws - presentation of updated study on Doel 3 and Tihange 2 flaws - 2013/03/12/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/03/07/get-women-on-board - Get women on board: Will the EU do what it takes? - 2013/03/07/towards-zero-waste Towards Zero Waste - Beyond recycling: Best practices on resource management in the EU - 2013/03/06/gmo-free-labelling-of-food-products - GMO-free labelling of food products: a way to increase GMO-free supplies for animal feed? - 2013/03/05/pressconference - CAP reform: Assessment ahead of plenary vote - A Greens/EFA press-conference - 2013/02/27/mali - Mali: Comment gagner la paix? - 2013/02/25/pressconference - Horsemeat scandal and the necessary EU response - 2013/02/12/women - "Is it a Man’s World? The Sexism Debate in Germany and Beyond" - 2013/02/05/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/01/31/what-s-wrong-with-data-protection - What's wrong with data protection? - a greens-efa hearing - 2013/01/24/pressconference - Press-conference: Environmental, political and financial dimensions of gold mining in Greece - 2013/01/22/pressconference - Press-conference: Protecting bees and beekeepers - will EU legislation deliver? - 2013/01/15/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2013/01/10/pressconference - Press-conference: Flaws with Belgian nuclear reactors Doel 3 and Tihange 2 - study presentation - 2013/01/09/data-protection EU data protection rules under review - EP draftsperson Jan Philipp Albrecht presents his legislative report - 2013/01/09/pressconference - Tobacco lobbying at the EU Commission and the Dalli controversy - further action and implications for ethics and transparency rules - 2012/12/11/pressconference - Opposing the Belo Monte dam in the Amazon - 2012/12/11/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2012/12/06/eu-criminal-justice - EU Criminal Justice: Green approach to combating organized crime, enhancing judicial cooperation and protecting fundamental rights in the European Union - 2012/12/06/a-fair-deal-for-cars - A fair deal for cars: Conference and presentation of a study - 2012/12/05/blog4dem - Bloggers For Democracy: Conference - 2012/11/20/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2012/11/15/runningoutoftime - Running out of time: Why the climate negotiations must speed up - 2012/11/14/mobility - Mobility - how to make it work ? Towards a new European paradigm on migration - 2012/11/14/china - Leadership change in China -a Informal Round Table on China - 2012/11/12/ulysses -The Ulysses Conference - 2012/11/10/egp-council - European Green Party, 17th Autumn Council, Athens
Plenary Session: Migration in Greece and Europe - Compassionate Solutions and Combating Racism
- 2012/11/09/egp-council - European Green Party, 17th Autumn Council, Athens
Opening of the Council and Roundtable: Future of the EU - Greening the Union
- 2012/11/09/egp-athens2012 - European Green Party, 17th Autumn Council, Athens
Plenary Session: Green Ways Out of the Crisis
- 2012/11/09/agroecology - The potential of agroecology: Reclaiming the food crisis - a greens-efa public conference - 2012/10/23/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2012/10/11/pressconference - Libya and the harassment of migrants - report presentation - 2012/10/09/forestguardians - Guardians of the forests? - 10 years of EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade - 2012/09/26/airport-noise - Airport noise: Greens/EFA experts meeting - 2012/09/18/cap - The Common Agricultural Policy - pressconference - 2012/09/11/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2012/09/06/biopiracy - Financing and biopiracy - The challenges of the next UN Biodiversity Summit - 2012/09/05/gmo-free - GMO Free Europe Conference 2012 - 7th European Conference of GMO free regions - 2012/06/28/island-transport - Island Transport Connectivity and the Green Transformation of the Shipbuilding Industry - 2012/06/28/road - Forum: “Another Road for Europe” - 2012/06/28/data-protection - Data Protection for the Digital Age - A Greens/EFA hearing - 2012/06/27/kickstart - Kickstart social Europe: Beyond austerity - A Greens/EFA public conference - 2012/06/26/migration - An Emerging e-Fortress Europe?: Border Surveillance, Frontex and Migration Control - a greens-efa workshop - 2012/06/13/pressconference - Rio+20 - UN sustainable development summit and the EU position - a greens-efa press conference - 2012/06/07/culture - Global changes in the production and consumption of culture - a greens-efa conference - 2012/06/07/pressconference - Situation for human rights activists in Turkey - a greens-efa press conference - 2012/06/06/rio20 - RIO+20: the future we REALLY want - 2012/05/25/banking - How to restructure the EU banking sector? - A Greens/EFA conference - 2012/05/22/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2012/05/11/cph - Meeting today's challenges:Green Jobs - A Way Out of the Crisis - A Greens/EFA meeting in Copenhagen - 2012/05/10/cph - Meeting today's challenges: A Greens/EFA meeting in Copenhagen - 2012/04/18/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2012/04/12/fish - How should fish be caught?: Pathways to sustainable fisheries - 2012/04/12/artists - Towards the reform of collective rights management: Time for a fair remuneration of artists - 2012/03/29/aiete - Aiete conference, a road-map for peace in the Basque Country ? - 2012/03/28/dfd - Document Freedom Day - Open standards in the eBook market - 2012/03/14/pressconference - EU-US passenger data agreement - 2012/03/13/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2012/03/08/landgrabbing - Fair access to food and land - How to stop global land grabbing - 2012/03/07/fukushima - One year after 3/11:First anniversary of the Fukushima Catastrophe - 2012/03/06/pressconfernce - One year after 3/11:First anniversary of the Fukushima Catastrophe - 2012/02/14/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2012/02/08/fsu - Hearing on International Agreement on a Fiscal Stability Union - 2012/01/24/jcall - "Un Etat d'Israël Juif, Démocratique et sûr" - 2012/01/17/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/13/13/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/12/08/human-rights - Human rights and the EU-India Free Trade agreement - 2011/11/30/horizon2020 - Horizon 2020: Investing in the common good - 2011/11/23/pressconference - UN climate talks and the EU position - 2011/11/22/pressconference - Presentation of new study on the EU nuclear stress tests - 2011/11/15/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/11/09/greenrace - The Green Race to Durban and Beyond - 2011/10/25/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/10/04/ - Does ACTA violate fundamental rights? - A Greens/EFA press conference - 2011/09/27/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/09/20/youthportal - Improving the European Youth Portal, towards a European Social Network - A Youth Intergroup Hearing - - 2011/09/13/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/07/05/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/06/29/eci - European Citizens' Initiative: How to get it started - 2011/06/29/crisis - BEYOND THE CRISIS: ALTERNATIVES TO AUSTERITY - 2011/06/28/artists - Artists and social inclusion - A Greens/EFA conference - 2011/06/08/pressconference - Consequences of the Italian nuclear referendum for EU energy policy A Greens/EFA Press Conference from Strasbourg - 2011/06/07/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/06/01/copyright - The future of copyright in the digital era - A Greens/EFA public hearing - 2011/05/31/innovation - Medical innovation prizes instead of monopolies - A Greens/EFA Conference - 2011/05/10/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing 2011/05/05/feo - Freedom of expression online:Interplay of human rights and ICT - A Greens/EFA public hearing 2011/05/04/raw-materials - Raw materials: A Green strategy - A Greens/EFA public conference - 2011/04/06/pressconference - "Shared responsibility in face of the nuclear risk - what role for the European regions ?" - 2011/04/05/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/03/31/crossroads - "Hungary at the Crossroads: Meeting the Challenges" Greens/EFA Group meeting in Budapest - 2011/03/30/populism - 'New look of the right-wing populism in Europe - in search for counter strategies' - A Greens/EFA conference'" - 2011/03/23/khodorkovsky - 'Khodorkovsky: How the richest man in Russia became its most famous prisoner'" - 2011/03/16/privacy - PRIVACY PLATFORM - "The review of the EU Data Protection Framework" - 2011/03/16/pressconference - Nuclear safety in Europe and the need for an EU-wide phase out - 2011/03/15/spinelli - “European identity: between myth and reality” - a Spinelli debate - 2011/03/08/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/03/01/burma - Human rights in Burma: more or less sanctions? - Lunchtime debate - 2011/03/01/agnesheller - Hungarian democracy in danger ? - An open debate with Agnes Heller - 2011/02/16/woman_transformation - "Women for Transformation" - 2011/02/16/pressconference - 'State of the Russian opposition before the parliamentary elections' - 2011/02/15/egypt - "Egypt - Time for real change" a Live skype and phone debate from the European Parliament in Strasbourg - 2011/02/15/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/01/28/wostehteuropa - Wo steht Europa ? - 2011/01/18/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2011/01/12/spinelli_debate - “The United States of Europe – Towards a Transnational Society?” a Spinelli debate - 2010/12/14/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2010/11/23/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2010/11/18/transport Future of Transport:Reinventing the Wheel or Reinventing the Policy ? - 2010/11/18/innovation - Can we afford the current model of medical innovation? - 2010/10/19/red_sludge_disaster - Greens/EFA discussion with Hungarian expert - 2010/10/19/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2010/09/21/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2010/09/07/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2010/07/06/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2010/07/01/iran - The New Political Role of Internet and Mobile phone: Example Iran - 2010/06/22/criminal_law_harmonisation - Crime and Punishment in the Europe of Tomorrow - Harmonisation of Criminal Procedure and Criminal Law in the European Union - 2010/06/10/greenjobs - "Green Jobs - Decent Work!" Greens/EFA conference organised by Elisabeth Schroedter (MEP) and Reinhard Bütikofer (MEP) - 2010/06/08/culture - "Financing Culture in the Digital Era" - 2010/05/20/leakgae - Presentation of an independent study on the "Risks and reality of carbon leakage in the EU" - 2010/05/18/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2010/04/20/pressbriefing - Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing - 2010/04/14/eeas - Greens/EFA Conference on the External Action Service (EEAS) - 2010/02/04/beyond_copenhagen - where to for global climate policy? - 2010/01/27/managing_risks - A closer look at the legislative proposals on pharmacovigilance