The Greens - EFA

Medical innovation prizes instead of monopolies

A Greens/EFA Conference

recorded stream: from the European Parliament - Brussels

31 May 2011 - 09:30 to 13:00

Organised by Greens/EFA MEP Carl Schlyter

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Innovation Inducement Prizes that de-link the cost of R&D from the price of products to increase access to medicines for patients living in Europe and developing countries



  • Carl Schlyter, MEP
  • James Love, Knowledge Ecology International


  • David Hammerstein, TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) What are Innovations inducement prizes?

  • Tim Hubbard, Welcome Trust: The role of prizes to reward innovation and sharing of knowledge in health care technologies

Panel 1: Prize Funds for poverty related diseases in developing countries

  1. Michelle Childs, MSF: Prizes for TB diagnostics
  2. Dwayne Spradin, InnoCentive: Experiences with prizes for global health challenges

Respondent: EU Commission

Panel 2:  Prize Funds for health challenges in developed countries

  1. Michael Behan, Chief Counsel U.S. Senator Sanders: The proposals for a U.S. Medical Innovation Prize Fund and an Open Source Dividend. Prizes to transform drug development incentives and outcomes
  2. James Love, Knowledge Ecology International: The use of innovation prizes to eliminate monopolies for cancer drugs in Europe
  3. Glyn Moody, Innovation inducement prizes as a possible mechanism to unlock the benefits of open innovation models

Respondent: EU Commission: Benedikt Hermann, responsible for inducement prizes in the European Commission (confirmed)

Wrap Up discussions and Next Steps
Moderator: Carl Schlyter, MEP


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