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Conference: Guardians of the forests? - 10 years of EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade

recorded stream from the European Parliament in Brussels:

Tuesday, 09 October 13:15 - 16:45

Jannick Jadot, Fiona Hall, FERN are pleased to invite you to “Guardians of the Forests? 10 years of EU innovation in forest governance worldwide, achievements so far and challenges ahead” on Tuesday 9th of October 2012 at the European Parliament

For more than 10 years the European Commission has been working to tackle illegal logging and improve forest governance through its FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade) Action Plan. With the EU Timber Regulation entering into force in March 2013, we feel this is an opportune moment to look back on successes achieved and challenges ahead.

The event will bring together MEPs, Commission Officials, civil society representatives from 12 VPA countries (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Honduras, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Malaysia, Republic of Congo and Vietnam), representatives from the timber trade and international NGOs. You can find the agenda on the FERN homepage (

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