The Greens - EFA

The potential of agroecology: Reclaiming the food crisis - a greens-efa public conference

recorded stream from the European Parliament in Brussels:

Friday 09 November 2012, 09:30 to 16:30


9.30 - 9.45
Keynote Speech:
'The social and ecological challenges: the current crisis of the global agricultural and food production systems'

Speaker: Marie-Monique Robin, Journalist and author of 'The world according Monsanto ' and 'Notre poison quotidien'

9.45- 10.15
European dilemmas of agricultural research : current imbalances and future perspectives

Speaker: Dr. Les Levidow (Open University)

The European landscape of agroecology.

Speaker: Prof. Pierre Stassart (University Liège)

About: An overview about the current situation for agroecology in the European Union: best practices, examples from the ground, grassroots experiences.

The Brasilian case: experiences and evolution

Speaker: Dr. Francisco Roberto Caporal  (Professor at the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco - Brasil , Staff member of Agroecology and Farmer, Ex President of the Brasilian Agroecology Association (ABA))

About: The mission and vision behind agricultural policies in Brasil and how social change is enhanced

Three video testimonies followed by debate:

  • La era del Buen Vivir by Jeroen Verhoeven and Aline Dehasse
  • Je mange donc je suis
  • Réseaux semences paysannes

12.30 - 14.00
Lunch (sandwiches)

A socio-economic context for Agroecology

Speaker: Bavo Verwimp (organic farmer on 'De Kijfelaar' and agricultural economist)

About: What are the socio-economical impacts of agroecology on a micro level? How can agroecology benefit rural employment?

Agroecology and biodiversity

Speaker: Dr. Muriel Tichit (Director of research at INRA, Paris)

About: the debate of land share versus land spare.

15.00 - 16.00
Interactive session

People with a big interest in agroecology and a (professional) potential to help us move to another agricultural and foodsystem were brought together for this conference. During this interactive session we want to collect paths and possibilities that each of us has or sees to ease the way towards a more agro-ecological system.

Final reflections

by Dirk Holemans

Closure of the conference

by Bart Staes