The Greens - EFA

a Informal Round Table on China

recorded stream from the European Parliament in Brussels:

Wednesday 14 November 2012, 13:30 to 15:00

organized by MEPs Elmar Brok and Reinhard Bütikofer


The 18th Communist Party Congress comes at a crucial period for the country. The challenges awaiting the new Chinese leadership are paramount. As China continues to rise, the choices this leadership will make and will implement are going to resonate globally. For Europe there will be wide ranging implications concerning trade, investment and monetary policy as well as strategic foreign policy and security issues.

To what degree does the outcome of the 18 th Party Congress allow informed assumptions about the course to be followed by Beijing in the future? The Chinese leader has recently shown relevant internal divisions more openly than in the past. Will the new 5th generation leaders steer the People’s Republic into unknown waters and experiment with new ideas? Or will the new leadership – as has been suggested – carry out a shift to the left?

We have invited two experts: Ms Zhu Yi, Head of Programs Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Beijing Office and Ms Anja Senz, Managing Director of the Confucius Institue Metropolis Ruhr.