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Protecting bees and beekeepers - will EU legislation deliver?

recorded stream from the European Parliament in Brussels:

22 january 2013 10:30 - 11:00

Green MEPs Bart Staes and Sandrine BĂ©lier and
Olivier Belval, president of the French apiculture association

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The alarming decline of bee populations, the role of human activities, pesticides and GMOs, and the urgently-needed EU policy response will be addressed at this press conference. The Greens/EFA will also launch a new campaign on bees at the press conference.

The press conference comes during a busy week for bees in the European Parliament. The EP's petitions committee will hear petitions on the issue on Monday. On Thursday, MEPs on the environment committee will debate current EU legislation on honey, as well as considering the evidence on the disastrous impact of neonicotinoid insecticides on bees, for which Greens believe there is enough evidence (notably a new EFSA report) to ban their use.

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