The Greens - EFA

Youth in crisis

A Greens/EFA public conference

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part 1 - Welcome

9.15-9.45h   Room A1G3

  • Presentation of the program "Youth in Crisis" by Raül Romeva i Rueda (MEP)
  • Presentation of the Federation of Young European Greens by Ingrid Nyman
  • Presentation of the European Green Party by Reinhard Bütikofer (MEP)


9.45-10.30h Welcome by KATRIN GÖRING-ECKARDT, Candidate of Bündis 90/Die Grünen for the Bundestag 2013 elections 

part 2 - Conference at the European Parliament

15.00-15.45h What do young people want from the EU? 

  • Winner of essay on youth views of the EU crisis
  • László Andor's European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion 
  • Representative of the Irish Presidency (tbc)
  • FYEG moderator Michael Bloss

15.45-16.15h Presentation of the 5 best proposals per workshop. 

This will together be the 20 proposals that come out of this day and will be the ideas that the Greens might want to take up in their thinking on youth issues. 

16.15-16.30h Presentation winner of the essay competition by Ska Keller (MEP) 

Presentation of the Manifesto by the Portuguese youth group 

16.30-17.30h Open debate: Moderation by Ska Keller (MEP)

17.30-18.15h Next steps: Greens proposals for a Europe where young people have a future. Strategy for 2014.

  • YEG Spokesperson moderator Terry Reintke 
  • MEPs will respond to proposals

18.15-18.30h Explanation of the action

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