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Human Rights in Malian conflict since 2012

Stop abuses: a key to build Peace

Monday, 17 june

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The situation in Northern Mali is still worrying. Since the beginning of the conflict, in January 2012, numerous cases of breach committed by armed groups have been identified by the NGOs. Sadly, the French intervention, in January 2013, has not prevented the civilians from other threats and violations and NGOs have denounced several abuses by the Malian army, or some elements more or less under its control.

Today, in the prospect of July and of the withdrawal of the French army, we have to be sure that the situation won't get worse and that the international community, through the UN mission (MINUSMA), will be able to ensure the security of civilians.

Therefore, Mr. Fran├žois Alfonsi, Mr. Jean-Jacob Bicep and Mrs Franziska Brantner (Greens/EFA), in collaboration with Human Rights Without Frontiers, with the participation of Amnesty International, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Plan International, Save the Children and the Association of the Refugees and Victims of the Repression in Azawad (ARVRA), take the initiative to publicly address the human rights situation in northern Mali and its consequences on the future of the Malian reconstruction.

The conference on Human Rights aims at reminding abuses committed by the extremist groups in 2012 and the need for the perpetrators to be tried by an international independent court ; highlighting the current situation of human rights in Northern Mal ; highlighting the specific issue of the Northern Mali/Azawad, in the framework of the future reconstruction.

A statement with recommendations to implement political, military and humanitarian means in order to ensure civilians security and to ensure a last peace process will be adopted at the end of the exchanges.

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