The Greens - EFA / EPP

Internet and Social Media as Tools of Freedom

Monday, 18 june

organized by MEPs Paweł Zalewski (EPP) and Amelia Andersdotter (Greens / EFA)

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Conference Programme

Opening remarks by MEP Paweł Zalewski

Panel discussion

Questions and debate

Conclusion – Amelia Andersdotter MEP

The use of technical tools to spread ideas is anything but new. The internet is just the latest, most complex and efficient way of transmitting information and providing access to conversations: it creates shared awareness. The ability of the internet and social media to serve as spaces for discussion is crucial – this is how civil society and political opinions are formed. This strengthens the public sphere, grants more opportunities to engage in public speech and enables citizens to undertake collective action. In addition, the coordinating role of social media cannot be overestimated. Using Twitter and Facebook protesters can organize in an easy way that does not require any formal organizations, that helps to save time, and does not involve big funds.

The conference will focus on recent events in Turkey, the revolution in Tunisia that was part of the Arab Spring and on mass protests against ACTA in Poland. All of these events have one thing in common – their participants: unhappy with their government’s actions they have decided to act and are using the internet to organize themselves.

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