When Rule of Law is at risk

What can/should the EU do?

Wednesday, 26 june

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The EU is a community of values: “Respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights” are at the heart of European integration (Article 2 TEU).

However, once a country becomes an EU member state, compliance with the EU values is not monitored or evaluated, thus the so called "Copenhagen dilema".

The European Semester features country specific recommendations regarding the economy. Why not country specific recommendations regarding the rule of law, justice, and fundamental rights? How do we expand on Commissioner Reding´s Justice Scoreboard? Should we have an Article 2 alarm agenda? Are sanctions the right way to go? Can you put a price to values? How can you cooperate if there is no mutual trust? Apart from the mechanism provided for in article 7 TEU, what parallel or alternative multileveled structure can we envision for monitoring and reporting on fundamental rights implementation in the EU?    


hosted by Green/EFA MEPs Judith Sargentini, Ulrike Lunacek, Tatjana Zdanoka

Contributions by institutions, academics, civil society/ social partners

List of contributors (tbc):


Initial contributions of 7 minutes from panelists on state of play/ diagnosis of problem
1st round of questions and answers
2nd round of questions and answers

Propositions, solutions, reaching expert consensus on conclusions.
1st round of questions questions and answers
2nd round of questions and answers .            

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