Feeding Europe in times of crisis:
Towards a more resilient food system

Thursday, 17 october 2013

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The Greens/EFA group was organising a conference on the theme: "Feeding Europe in times of crisis." In the coming years, Europe is likely to suffer significant systemic shocks and face a very unstable climate. The shocks are not only financial and economic, they are also social, and concern energy, climate and ecosystem. Under these conditions, we need to rethink the issue of food security in Europe, without focusing solely on agricultural production, but on all food systems (distribution, processing, storage, consumer research, trade). How to produce enough food with less fossil energy? How to secure the supply of cities? Why encourage short supply chains? How to produce food while restoring ecosystems and protecting the climate?

The first part of the conference will present the study "Feeding Europe in times of crisis" and ways to build resilient food systems. In the second part, the speakers will address the various policy responses at European and local level.

Yves Cochet, Greens/EFA MEP (France)

15h10 - 15h30
Presentation of the study "Feeding Europe in times of crisis"
Pablo Servigne
, agronomist

15h30 - 16h45
1st Roundtable: Building resilient food systems
Moderation: Agnès Sinai, Journalist

16h45 - 18h00
Second roundtable: What policy responses?
Moderation: Agnès Sinai, Journalist

Nikos Chrysogelos, Greens/EFA MEP (Greece)

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