Citizens' energy for a good climate:A participatory debate about Poland and its future

15/16 november 2013

Panel 1

Discussion 1

Discussion 4

Breakfast meeting

Mobilizing People for a healthier, cleaner, greener Poland

Friday - 15 November

Introductory speech

Rebecca Harms – co-president of the Group of Greens/EFA in the European Parliament

Panel 1

Poland, European Union, the Earth – what should be the ambition for the Polish COP 19 presidency

Moderator: Bas Eickhout – MEP, the Netherlands

  • Anders Wijkman - vice president of Club of Rome and the Tällberg Foundation, christian democrat from Sweden, councillor for the World Future Council
  • Jagoda Munic - chairperson Friends of the Earth International
  • Agnieszka Grzybek - co-president of the Polish Greens

Discussion 1

Renewable jobs - jobs in renewables – facts and myths

Moderator: Yannick Jadot – Green MEP from France


  • Claude Turmes – rapporteur of the EP for the renewable energy, MEP Luxembourg
  • Dr. Filip Thon, CEO, RWE Polska
  • Tomasz Podgajniak – Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy, former minister of Environment
  • Dr. Karolina Jankowska - researcher, Fraunhofer Institute

Discussion 4

Agriculture, food, energy  – what investment is needed in the rural areas in Poland?

Moderator: Adam Wajrak (Gazeta Wyborcza)

  • Jose Bové - Green MEP from France
  • Henryk Wujec – advisor to the President of Poland
  • Ewa Koś – Green deputy of the Regional Assembly in West Pomerania
  • Rebeka Szabo – Member of the Hungarian Parliament for PM – Dialogue for Hungary

Joint feedback session

Saturday 16 November

9:00-10:30 Breakfast meeting:
What gives you energy to work for society?

Moderator: Roman Kurkiewicz
Guest: José Bové (MEP from France) and Mira Stanisławska-Meysztowicz (Foundation Our Earth)

10:30-12:00 - Mobilizing People for a healthier, cleaner, greener Poland

How could a greener Poland inspire the rest of the World and lead the way towards a successful outcome of the climate negotiations?

Moderator: Bas Eickhout

  • Maciej Muskat - leader of Polish Greenpeace
  • Dipti Bhatnagar - Co-Coordinator, Climate Justice & Energy Program, Friends of the Earth International, Mozambique

12:00 - Special floor to representatives of the NGOs (that arrive by train BXL-WAW)

12:45 - Conclusion of the conference – Rebecca Harms