Public Debate: Political Crisis in Greece - political parties, dispute of the Greek constitution and Euro-scepticism

3 december 2013

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Nikos Chrysogelos: Member of European Parliament with the Greens/EFA invites you to a public event with a panel discussion titled 'The political Crisis in Greece - The political parties, dispute of the Greek constitution and Euro-scepticism' on Tuesday December 3rd at 18:30 pm, European Parliament (conference room ASP 1G3)

Speakers participating in the discussion:

  • Danny Cohn – Bendit: co president of the Greens in the European Parliament.
  • Stratos Fanaras: Executive Director of' Metron Analysis (Pollsters Firm).
  • Panos Stathopoulos: Election analyst, PHD of Political Sciences, Mathematician.
  • Antonis Papagiannidis: Specialist in European Affairs, Lawyer, Journalist.
  • Diamantis Basantis: Instructor, Councelor of European University of Cyprus, PHD Communications, Journalism.
  • Nikos Chrysogelos: Member of European Parliament. (Greens.EU).

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Greek and European responsibilities about the crisis
  • Positions of the political parties for the 2008 – 2009 and 2010 – 2013 periods, transitions in rhetoric and coherence of their proposals.
  • Social cohesion and political/partisan rhetoric.
  • Disputing the political system or denying Democracy?
  • The pathway of the block of memorandum and anti-memorandum parties.
  • Systemic and “anti-systemic” parties and their influences on the electorate and political developments.
  • To what extend does the course for “conquest of power” affect the positions of the parties?
  • Ideological and political confusion in society and in the political parties.
  • Constitutional and anti-constitutional bow, European and anti-European bow in Greek crisis: myths, political realities, partisan rhetoric.
  • Accountable for and “saviours” out of the crisis
  • Which alternative proposals are formulated by the parties for a way out of the crisis?