Economic Crimes and a European Public Prosecutor:
How to fight economic crimes and ensure fundamental rights?

5 december 2013

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Corruption, money laundering, fraud – such crimes threaten economic and social justice in the European Union. There are several initiatives to tackle these problems. One is the proposal of the European Commission on the European Public Prosecutor made in June 2013.

We seek to involve speakers and panellists with practical knowledge and experience who can not only share their expertise, but also act as catalysts in promoting awareness and discussion. The issue will be discussed from various approaches, including a criminal law perspective, a social justice perspective as well as a data protection perspective. The conference is a follow-up to the Group´s conference on EU criminal justice on 6 December 2012. 

After a welcome note by Rebecca Harms (Co-President of the Green Group in the European Parliament) the Members of the European Parliament Jan Philipp Albrecht, Judith Sargentini, Rui Tavares, Eva Joly and Bart Staes will discuss with the following guests: 

Naomi Fowler, award winning global radio journalist & podcaster, TAXCAST producer for the Tax Justice Network

John Christensen (tbc), Director of the Tax Justice Network

Prof. Dr. Hans-Holger Herrnfeld, Special Advisor in the DG Criminal Law on the EPPO, German Federal Ministry of Justice, former German National Member of Eurojust

Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor

Prof. Dr. Holger Matt, Chair of European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA)

Libby McVeigh, Head of Law Reform, Fair Trials International, London

Robert Palmer, Campaign leader, banks and corruption at Global Witness

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Unger, Public Sector Economics at Utrecht School of Economics, Utrecht University

Dr. Marianne Wade, Senior Lecturer Director of the Institute of Judicial Administration, University of Birmingham


9.30 am

Welcome note

Rebecca Harms MEP, Co-President of the Green Group in the European Parliament

Keynote: Crime and the Economic Crisis, Naomi Fowler

Respondent: Rui Tavares MEP



10.15 am

Money laundering as a threat to economic and social justice 

Peter Hustinx

Brigitte Unger

Robert Palmer

Host: Judith Sargentini MEP

Questions & Answers


11.00 am

The European Public Prosecutor´s Office (EPPO) and the fight against fraud

Dr Marianne Wade

Dr Hans-Holger Herrnfeld

John Christensen (tbc)

Hosts: Eva Jolie MEP and Bart Staes MEP

Questions & Answers


11.45 am 

The European Public Prosecutor´s Office (EPPO) and procedural rights in the EU 

Professor Holger Matt

Libby McVeigh

Host: Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP

Questions & Answers


12.30 pm

Concluding remarks

Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP