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Seed diversity and food security threatened by an overly concentrated EU seed market

Wednesday, 29 january 2014

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Green MEPs José Bové (Vice-President of the Agriculture Committee), Bart Staes, Martin Häusling, Satu Hassi

Green MEPs will present a Green/EFA study on concentration in the seed market, which de-bunks the myth presented by the seed lobby (ESA, the European Seed Association) and the European Commission that the EU seed market is very diversified, with a multitude of small and medium sized enterprises. The study highlights the question of concentration in the EU seed market and the dominance of a small group of multinational companies in the EU seed market.

The European Commission proposal for a seed production and marketing regulation, currently being discussed in the EP, is being increasingly criticised not only by civil society but also throughout all political groups as being based on false assumptions and benefiting the seed lobby and giant seed companies.

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