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Transatlantic Data Flows and the Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP):
Ensuring compatibility with European Data Protection standards

Wednesday, 05 march 2014

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The Data Protection Package is one of the most intensely debated and lobbied dossiers in the 7th legislature. Thousands of amendments and hundreds of lobbyists have made it a difficult struggle for Parliament to reach the strong position it has now. Further, the recent NSA scandals and EU government surveillance have highlighted the global need for high level data protection standards.

At the same time, European Data Protection Authorities have warned against Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations undermining European data protection standards under review. Hence there is a need to closely monitor these TTIP negotiations from a data protection perspective and debate the wider context of transatlantic data flows.


15:00 Welcome and introduction

Amelia Andersdotter MEP


15:15-16:45 Monitoring the TTIP negotiations from a Data Protection perspective


ModeratorAmelia Andersdotter MEP


16:45-18:15 Restoring trust in transatlantic data flows


Moderator: Eva Lichtenberger MEP


18:15-18:30 Concluding remarks:

Christian Engström MEP

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