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Greens/EFA 4th Document Freedom Day in the European Parliament:
Open Standards in the field of Encryption

Wednesday, 26 march 2014

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Edward Snowden stated in June 2013: Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on". This is why the Greens/EFA 4th Document Freedom Day is hosting a seminar on Free Software and Open Standards to discuss how cryptography can break the grip of the surveillance state and a workshop on trustworthy encryption in the European Parliament. The event is solution-oriented, both in terms of current efforts in different technologist communities, and in terms of concrete action, here and now, in the European Parliament.


13h30 Part I - Workshop

Trustworthy encryption in the European Parliament

Opening by Rebecca Harms, MEP

Workshop lead by Jonas Smedegaard

After reaching out to the Free Software community in July 2013, the Greens/EFA initiated a pilot project to start using email encryption in the European Parliament: 10 parliamentary workers - politically elected and staffers - are equipped with a laptop running software selected from Debian and guided in using its security features to establish trusted communication. This is the first Greens/EFA DebianParl workshop after the EPFSUG launch of the project on 5 March.


Coffee break

14h30 Part II - Seminar and debate

Cryptography - Breaking the grip of the surveillance state

Opening by Carl Schlyter, MEP


End - 16h00

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