Searching for a new narrative: the hopes of European Muslims

Wednesday, 16 Sep 2015 16:30


Radicalised young Muslims in Europe seem increasingly open to the anti-Western message and agenda of Islamist and jihadi groups, while the Western world radicalised its views on Islam and Muslims. 

However, the majority of Muslims in Europe are an integral part of European society. 

The idea is to give a platform to the  contribution of thinkers and associations of Muslim background, in different contexts from education, to town planning, arts,  culture... fostering new ways for a diverse and rich European society. We share good practices in different countries (UK, France, Germany and Spain), and take stock of the on-going discussions and projects to help shape a more effective response and contribute to the prevention of the parallel radicalisation.


16.30 Introduction by Helga Trüpel
16.40 First Panel:

Inherited conflicts: roots of today "radicalisation"?
Rachid Benzine together with Christian Delorme, Shereen Williams
Moderated by Jill Evans

17.15 Questions
17.45 Second Panel:

Young European Muslims in EU societies
Lamya Kaddor, Sara Khan, Najat Driouech Ben Moussa
Moderated by Ernest Maragall

18.30 Debate
18.50 Wrapping up and conclusions by Jean Lambert

The Greens/European Free Alliance