Meet the New Authors

Monday, 20 Apr 2015 14:00


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The internet is fundamentally changing the cultural economy, presenting authors with both challenges and opportunities. It has enabled new forms of creative expression and new ways to connect to audiences – and opened up (but also sometimes required) new economical strategies.

How can authors make a living in the middle of these cultural shifts? What role does the legal framework on issues like copyright play?

MEP Julia Reda and MEP Josef Weidenholzer invite you to two panel discussions: One where authors and creators who are at the forefront of these developments talk about challenges they are facing within the current system – followed by a second one showcasing new ways and strategies.


Opening remarks by MEP Julia RedaGreens/EFA, Pirate Party

14:00 Panel discussion – New authors facing old systems

16:00 Panel discussion – New ways to make a living in the arts

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The Greens/European Free Alliance