Europe is not for shale!

A Greens/EFA Conference

Thursday, 4 Jun 2015 09:30


This conference is organised by the Greens/EFA in collaboration with Friends of the Earth Europe and Food & Water Europe




Panel 1: State of play of fracking and shale gas

  • Opening by Rebecca Harms, Co-President of the Greens/EFA group
  • Keynote address: John Ashton, independent commentator
  • Response by José Bové, Greens/EFA MEP
  • Q&A (15')

Panel 2: Civil society experiences with the current regulatory framework for UFF

Moderation Bas Eickhout, Vice President Greens/EFA Group

  • Presentation of report on civil society assessment of EC recommendation by Paul de Clerck / Antoine Simon, FOEE  (20')
  • ‘Snapshots’ of national situation (50' - 10’ each)
    • Germany, Andy Gheorghiu
    • Lithuania, Tomas Tomilinas
    • Poland, Ewa Sufin-Jacquemart
    • UK, Jake White
    • Spain, Samuel Martín-Sosa Rodríguez, Carles Seijo
  • European Commission state of play on the evaluation of recommendations (15')
    • Karl Falkenberg, European Commission, DG Environment
  • Q&A (10')
  • The international dimension on the example of Algeria: Hocine Malti (10')

Panel 3: Climate change and shale gas

Moderation: Keith Taylor, Greens/EFA MEP

  • The problem: Shale gas and the link to COP 21: Jan Kersting, Institute Fraunhofer ISI (10')
  • The solutions: Werner Frohwitter, Feldheim, first German 100% off-grid town (10')
  • Civil society response: Geert de Cock, Food & Water Europe … how to cut gas consumption? (10')
  • Conclusions

The Greens/European Free Alliance