Beyond Dublin: Rethinking Europe's Asylum System

Wednesday, 3 Jun 2015 15:00


This event is hosted by MEPs Bodil Ceballos, Ska Keller, Jean Lambert, Judith Sargentini, and Josep-Maria Terricabras



Panel I: The political controversy  

Chaired by Ska Keller, MEP, Greens/EFA

  • Cecilia Wikström, Dublin rapporteur of the European Parliament
  • Matthias Oel, Head of the Asylum Unit, European Commission
  • Violeta Moreno-Lax, EU Asylum Law Coordinator at the Refugee Law Initiative of the University of London

Panel II: Dublin and its flaws

Chaired by Judith Sargentini, MEP Greens/EFA

  • Shewit Tsehaye Gebrehiwet who has experienced the Dublin System
  • Stefan Kessler (JRS) on the impact of Dublin on asylum seekers, based on the JRS study "Protection Interrupted" (2013)
  • Eiko Thielemann (London School of Economics) on why people choose a certain country of asylum
  • Madeline Garlick (MPI) on the flaws of Dublin, based on MPI study "Not Adding Up" (2015)

Panel III: Alternatives to the Dublin System

Chaired by Bodil Ceballos, MEP Greens/EFA

  • Cathryn Costello (University of Oxford)
    on the EP study "Dublin without Coercion" (2014)
  • Richard Williams
    on a system which is fair to both asylum seekers and Member States, based on "Beyond Dublin" (2015)
  • Kris Pollet (ECRE)
    on the proposals of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles
  • Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics)
    on tradable refugee-admission quotas and a mechanism for taking the preferences of asylum-seekers into account


by Jean Lambert, MEP Greens/EFA

The Greens/European Free Alliance