Alexander Langer: A visionary witness of our time

Wednesday, 3 Jun 2015 10:00


Rebecca Harms, Co-President of the Greens/EFA Group, invites you to the event

"Alexander Langer, 20 years later – A visionary witness of our time"

Twenty years have gone by since Alexander Langer passed away. At that time he was the Chair of the Green Group in the European Parliament. This dramatic event profoundly marked all those who knew him and had the honor to work with him.

Alexander Langer was one of the representatives of the European Parliament who most dedicated his work to the rights of minorities and to Europe's role in maintaining peace and promoting dialogue. In the last years of his life, between 1992 and 1995, he made every possible effort to counter and stop the destructive and painful consequences of the war in the former Yugoslavia with the strong conviction that Europe could and should have done more to prevent this sort of tragedy. He was a staunch supporter of the European dream. The legacy of his action inside and outside the European Parliament is still present and alive.

Alexander Langer is well known for his commitment to building bridges and creating the conditions for sustainable dialogue between parties in order to overcome controversies peacefully. This event should be an occasion to respect the words that he left to us before passing away, notably “to continue to fight for what is right”.

Main interventions:

  • Martin Schulz
  • Adriano Sofri
  • Claudia Roth
  • Florian Kronbichler
  • Paolo Gentiloni




  • Opening by an artist
  • Welcome/Introduction:
    • Rebecca Harms
    • Edi Rabini
  • Video screening
  • Intervention by Adriano Sofri
  • Intervention by Claudia Roth
  • Intervention by President Schulz
  • Langer Prize Laureates:
    • Giovanna Vaccaro (Bordeline Sicilia)
    • Merka Durakovic and Nemanja Zekic (Adopt Srebrenica)
    • Taghi Rahamani, husband of Narges Mohammadi
  • Intervention by Paolo Gentiloni
  • Intervention by Florian Kronbichler
  • Short interventions by Monica Frassoni, Luana Zanella, Heidi Hautala, Gianni Tamino
  • Video screening

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