Reinventing our medical R&D system: Safeguarding universal access to medicines in the EU and in the world

Wednesday, 2 Sep 2015 09:30



The prices of new life-saving medicines have never been so high in the EU, putting our social security models, universal rights to care-access and national budgets at risk. Poor countries don't have the monopoly of care exclusion anymore. Who is responsible for this situation? More and more stakeholders point at our broken R&D model in the pharmaceutical sector: less real and needed innovation, less return on investment for publicly funded research because of private patenting and privatized benefits, more short-term pressure from the shareholders in the care sector. So what can be done at EU level? This is what you will hear in this conference




Part I: overview of the current situation that leads to unaffordable medicines
(chair: Michèle Rivasi MEP)

  • introduction by the Chair 
  • presentation of the situation in Greece, by Panagiotis Kouroumplis, the Greek minister for health 
  • presentation of the situation in Spain, by Elodie Besnier from Salud por Derecho 
  • presentation of the situation in Germany, by Joerg Schaaber from BUKO Pharma-Kampagne 
  • Q&A session 
  • closing remarks by the Chair 


Part II: analysis of the roots of the current problems
(chair: Ernest Maragall MEP)

  • introduction by the Chair 
  • Comparison of the current situation in the EU and worldwide, by Helle Aagaard from MSF 
  • Pharmaceutical research and market failures: a guideline, by Ignasi Belda, president and founder of Intelligent Pharma 
  • The cost of medical research and the lack of transparency, by Gaëlle Krikorian, sociologist and intellectual property rights expert 
  • Q&A session 
  • closing remarks by the Chair 


Part III: the possible solutions
(chair Michèle Rivasi)

  • introduction by the Chair 
  • the consumers perspectives, by David Hammerstein from TACD 
  • compulsory licensing, by Olivier Maguet from Médecins du Monde 
  • the voice of the European Commission, by Jérôme Boehm from DG SANTE 
  • Q&A session 
  • closing remarks by the Chair 

The Greens/European Free Alliance