Research for transition: What kind of research do we need to make European farming and food systems sustainable?

Thursday, 22 Oct 2015 09:30



The conference needs to focus on the pioneering role of organic farming for the transition towards a really sustainable agricultural practice. The tone of the conference needs to be ambitious: we can shift on the long run towards organic being the new conventional farming practice, while being socially, economically and ecologically sustainable.

But where are we now? Who benefits from the current research agenda (biotech research and agro-industrial intensification vs. organic/agro-ecological research)? What are the main obstacles from a research point of view for achieving this transitions towards sustainability?

After 3 panels, we will conclude with a critical debate with all the key stakeholders involved.


Opening speech by MEP

Success stories in the field of organic research (3 speakers)

30 minutes to present each (10') a successful research experience

  • Fulya Batur - (confirmed) (Policy Advisor, ArchNoah)
  • Edith Lammerts van Bueren  (confirmed) (Wageningen University, Louis Bolk Institute and ECO-PB, The Netherlands)
  • Marianne Cerf (confirmed) INRA Paris, Projet Mircourt

European agricultural research agenda: where are we now?

  • Presentation of the main findings by Susanne Padel (ORC, UK) and Philippe Baret (UCL, BE) (researchers conducting the study) (15 minutes)
  • Questions from the audience on the first two panels (15 minutes)

If we double the budget for organic research, what are the priorities?

  • Remarks by Erik Mathijs (SCAR-report) (confirmed)  focus on economic issues [Erik Mathijs (10 minutes)
  • Opening of the discussion by Marianne Cerf, INRA – (confirmed) (10 minutes)
  • Ideas from the audience (20 minutes)

Suggestions for Research by TP Organics
Bram Moeskops (confirmed) (Senior Scientific Coordinator, TP Organics)

Debate: Where are we now? How do we proceed? (3 speakers)

  •  resuming remarks of the former part by MEP (5 minutes)
  • debate between panellists (30 minutes)
    • Iman Boot (European Commission, DG Research)(confirmed)
    • Vianney Le Pichon (ITAB, European Partnership - GRAB, Director) (confirmed)
    • Edith Lammerts Van Bueren (Wageningen University, Louis Bolk Institute) (confirmed)
  •  questions from the audience (25 minutes)

Closing remarks by MEP

The Greens/European Free Alliance