Promoting Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Investment

Thursday, 19 Nov 2015 15:00




15:00-15:10: introductory statement of MEP Sven Giegold

15:10-15:50 Panel I – Current EU Initiatives to promote Green investment

  • Steven Maijoor (ESMA)
  • Sven Gentner (COM DG Fisma)
  • Benoit Lallemand (Finance Watch)
  • Camilla de Ste Croix (Shareaction)

15:50-16:30: discussion (including floor)

16:45-17:35 Panel II - Best practices to promote Green investment

  • Antje Schneeweiß (Südwind Institut)
  • Tierry Philipponnat (Eurosif)
  • Christian Klein (University of Kassel)
  • Frank Wagemans (VBDO)
  • Timo Busch (University of Hamburg)

17:35-18:00: discussion (including floor)

18:00: closing remarks Sven Giegold

The Greens/European Free Alliance