Quantitative Easing for People ‐ A rescue plan for the Eurozone?

Wednesday, 17 Feb 2016 15:30



Professor Richard Werner, D.Phil. (Oxon); is the Director for the Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development at the University of Southampton

Eric Lonergan is a macro hedge fund manager, economist, and writer

Frédéric Boccara is member of the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council, and member of Les Économistes Atterrés

Frances Coppola spent many years working for banks and now writes and speaks about banking, finance and economics

Frank van Lerven is a researcher at Positive Money, author of the report “Recovery in the Eurozone, Using Money Creation to Stimulate the Real Economy”

Fran Boait is the Executive Director at Positive Money



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  • 13:30 Welcome by MEP Molly Scott Cato
  • 15:35 Quantitative Easing: Theory vs Reality - Frank van Lerven
  • 15:45 The Case for QE for People
    Panel Discussion moderated by Fran Boait
    • Richard Werner: Strategic QE

    • Eric Lonergan: The Citizens’ Dividend Proposal

    • Frédéric Boccara: QE for public investment

    • Frances Coppola: QE for People: what are the barriers?

  • 17:00 Q&A & from the floor
  • 17:30 Closing remarks

    from Paul Tang (S&D) & Fabio de Masi (GUE/NL)

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